Magick and occultism

2 min readDec 13, 2020


I have a passion for the occult.

OK, so are you doing magick?

No, it is the study of the exploration of invisible dimensions whose forces act upon us and through us — it is simply the study of a non-local intelligence. But we do it every day and it gets even better through rituals.

OK, tell me more.

For example when we go to church and light a candle while saying a prayer we perform a magick ritual, but we don’t realise it, people do it without even knowing how, the non-local intelligence, collective consciousness (beliefs, mores, and habits) pushes them to do things that do not disturb their daily lives through their consciousness. In fact, reality seems to be largely defined by belief, rather than law.

And why shouldn’t we know that?

Well, the forces that govern our mind, the magick that makes us act through love must not hide behind the shadow of our consciousness, otherwise the body catches the spirit and the third eye opens this which is very dangerous.

What proves to me that spiritual forces exist?

People believe in god, he is a strength they have. Our spirituality is the sense that there is something to the universe greater than that which we can perceive with our immediate senses, something that binds us to all other things. God is how we perceive this potentiality.

Are you persuaded to hold the truth then?

Truth cannot be taught. It must be experienced. Therefore, while many things are absolute, many more are a matter of perspective. If you seek the truth for yourself, and respect the truth of others, everything is fine, but place always the inner light of understanding above the outer light of common dogma.

Words and magick were, in the beginning, one and the same thing. Even today’s words retain much of their magical power. Open your eyes and you’ll see, travelling trough worlds into another space.




We get lifted, trough the light magick happens.